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We listed all Austrian euro coinsets here, you can see how many these are out there and when Austria make these coinsets. Euro coinset are for coin collectors or numismatics but some times you find these laying around. These are valuable sets for collectors and even with history in mind.

Austria euro coinset 2002

Austria coinset 2002

Minted: 100.000

Austria euro coinset 2002 proof

Austria coinset 2002 PROOF

Minted: 10.000

Austria euro coinset 2003

Austria coinset 2003

Minted: 125.000

Austria euro coinset 2003 PROOF

Austria coinset 2003 PROOF

Minted: 25.000

Austria euro coinset 2004

Austria coinset 2004

Minted: 100.000

Austria euro coinset 2004 proof

Austria coinset 2004 PROOF

Minted: 25.000